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How To Get A Global Exposure?

Think About Our Facebook Advertising Services

The modern and simple way to communicate with the large world out there is through social media. Our social advertising strategies are developed to exceed your targets and KPIs. Of which, Facebook advertising which we provide as the Google Ads service will benefit by generating awareness about your products, brands, and services.



Facebook is the global netizens community with over 1.79 billion monthly active users who lavishly spend a minimum of 40 valuable minutes per day searching for this and that.

  • Generating Organic reach for your business
  • Increased referral traffic from Facebook to website
  • Accelerating conversions that prompt purchases



Proper budget planning for running ads and prompt revenue is all we do.

Setting up an advertising Specialist for the account

An adept advertising Specialist who has in-depth knowledge in Google Adwords and proven experience in running successful campaigns are assigned to your account.

Identifying seed keywords & Implementing Apt Campaigns

We research trending keywords that are capable of bringing more traffic to your advertising campaign.

Ad Creation

Expressure is skilled enough to create stunning search engine ads and do A/B split test for determining ads that are performing to the max.

Integrating Analytics

Seemly integrating analytics with PPC improves user experience and increases click among the targeted audience.

Auditing existing account & Digital Channel Marketing

PPC audits are highly essential for your Google AdWords accounts as they dive into the potential problems and gives a chance of improvement.

Defining USP

Clearly defining your USP makes your marketing goals to not to slip away. Only if you have a valuable USP your Ads, Keywords, and Price will fall in the right track.

Establish Client's Demographics

Demographic targeting option helps you to create bid adjustments for different locations. We can also bar certain age groups/genders from seeing our ads on the SERP.

Reporting and Communication

Efficient reporting and exercising clear communication give an insight into the performance of paid search advertisements.


Drive More Website And Accelerate More Profit

  • A proven social media platform to promote your brand widely and wisely
  • Passionate Facebook Advertising team to promote your brand both globally and to targeted demographics
  • User-engagement is what we assure throughout.


Learn What Our Facebook Specialists Have To Tell Your Business

Being the leading Facebook advertising company in India, we have a group of motivation-driven Facebook marketing experts who have meticulous expertise in diverse domains, latest digital technologies and digital marketing techniques which we leverage to fuel your tremendous online growth. We deliver quick results that help you save money and time. With our nifty expertise, we learn every minute aspect of your business, your current online presence and different sources of profit generation to design effective marketing campaigns that meet your company goals.


76% of the SEO campaigns fail. You deserve the best.